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Soul Instinct

Maximilian Hachtmann (aka Soul Instinct) is an explorer of ontic wisdom, inquiring into the multi-dimensional layers of what it means to be an expressed alive human being.

He faciliates and holds space for Somatic  Self Integration and Auto-Somatic-Self-Realisation. 

Activating self-reflexive processes that are opened primarily via the Body. Oscilating through the Mind, Opening through the Heart, And creating reconnection with (y)our Souls Instinct.

Somatic Self Integration is an integrative mind/body approach to bodywork and manual therapy. 

Instead of working through particular frameworks or methods, it was discovered spontaneously. Thus it works through the bodies natural instinct of supporting the client open, release and integrate themselves through their body.

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The Self is a multi-dimensional ecosystem of higher- and lower- order functions. Each function holds freedom and instinct within a localised, yet connected part of our whole Being.

Uniquely, the mind holds the faculty of perceiving and energising lived experiences with meaning. However when we form meaning which we cannot hold in our conscious awareness, we seek to suppress and store those in the shadows – in our sub-conscious. 

This is a natural trauma response to situations we feel helpless towards.

It’s this storing of energies in the body, that causes the majority of tensions and pains in the joints, muscles and fascia. Next to this, it also causes a progressively disempowering state of mind – losing the hope of being able to free those energies by our own volition.

What is needed is to re-create a trusting and conscious relationship towards those parts of us, that we have repressed and stored in our body. Empowering us to realise the possiblity of freedom in the entirty of our Being.

Somatic Self Integration is in
deep service to exactly this process.

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