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UltraHeaven collaborates with XOSAR for the release of six tuning forks in the purpose of inspiring multi dimensional awareness to awaken the community with perspectives and vibrations that re-aligns ourselves to receive cosmic knowledge (energy).

“You can re-write the source code of your reality using the very compounds that created it: vibration. The vibrations you emit through thoughts, words, actions, intentions and expressions affect the behavior of subatomic particles. The body and field around it are programmable by language and sound. Program it wisely, and it will program you back.

Matter, at its core, is just vibration. The body is a big walking stack of frequencies emanating from each cell and atom. Various systems of your body oscillate at different frequencies; each has its own base-level frequency that represents its healthy, harmonious and ideal state. When frequencies become too chaotic, your bio-mixdown gets muddy and clumpy and slow, which can expose your body to vulnerability, disease, antagonistic forces and other toxins in the environment.

What causes the excessive buildup of chaotic, unstable, or rogue frequencies? Stress, unhealthy food or prolonged exposure to your Facebook or Instagram feeds. You can refine your internal mixdown by honing your base frequencies and EQing the balance in your lifestyle. Exposing yourself to certain sonic tones can have the effect of a shower: they wash off all of the dirt and debris of the sensory inputs and electromagnetic signals scatter fragments of your consciousness.

In the technological age, it’s becoming increasingly important to re-connect with the reasons why you’re doing what you’re doing based on your own intuition and how things make you feel instead of answering to society. Your underlying value system consciously and unconsciously motivates your actions and creates your reality. And if you can learn to calibrate your “belief system module” and tune it to the right dial, your life’s song will more closely resonate with how you imagined and hoped it would sound. Here are some tools to help you on this quest.” Xosar
Extracted from her article
" How to hack reality with sound. "

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