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XOSAR - Cosmo Genesis 136.10Hz AUM (Weighted)

XOSAR - Cosmo Genesis 136.10Hz AUM (Weighted)

999Hz UltraHeaven collaborates with XOSAR for the release of three exclusive tuning forks in the purpose of inspiring multi dimensional awareness to awaken the community with perspectives and vibrations that re-aligns ourselves to receive cosmic knowledge (energy). 

Keywords: All encompassing sound, Sound of Creation, Heart, Goddess/ Womb, Matrix, includes all that is syncronicity, alignment.
Effects: Loving Awareness - Acceptance - Grounding - Emotional Renewal (Reset) - Reduces jugmental awareness - Enhance compassion & innerstanding 
Possible associations: AUM 136,10Hz being a fundamental source of information we do not recommend combining with other frequencies, in order to fully appreciate the information provided by the resonance of AUM 136,10Hz.

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