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Ground Tactics

Ground Tactics creation was inspired in 2015 by Colin Tobelem, a multi-disciplinary artist who revives an inter-dimensional psycho-acoustic art form to enhance one's connection with themselves and the vibrational universe. Inducing altered states of consciousness with multi-sensorial stimulations, his performances facilitate the experience of self-reflection through sound, leading to a profound state of inner peace, transcendence, and a tuning to the path to enlightenment.

This is an insight in Ground Tactics creation,
intentions and vision.



Colin in 2018, Berlin

Initially rooted in Colin's passion for electronic and experimental music composition, Ground Tactics made its first public appearance with the release of his vinyl (LP) titled "Ground Tactics - Dawn of City Lights" in 2015, supported by Edouard Morin's label, "Lumières la Nuit records." While residing in Brussels at the time, Colin explored the direct expression of his unfiltered intuition. Drawing inspiration from his early years as a child pianist, he gave voice to deep inner visions, maintaining their raw and authentic nature while playing with aleatory improvisation. Using modular synths and a Prophet 8 (Dave Smith Synthetizer), he entranced and inspired himself, uniting with a deeper relationship with his intuition and that which is beyond.


Ground Tactics - Reality Implant
(Midgar Records)



Ground Tactics - UH999HZ
(Self Released on Bandcamp)



In Berlin 2017, supported by Maria Orciuoli Colin was introduced to Jacopo Severitano Founder of Midgar Records with whom complicity and friendship inspired the collaboration on the musical releases  "Immaterial Breath" in 2018 and "Reality Implant" in 2020.
The "Hyper-realisation" of Ground Tactics happened from the re-conception of how is sound experienced and how do we engage with it, moving from the composition of electronic music to the composition of psycho acoustic performances grounded the principle of reaching out to the unknown with the heart driven intention to give, in person, harmony and loving awareness.
The word spreading from mouth to ear, hundreds of free ( priceless ) sessions to individuals across Berlin and Brussels made it possible to explore the benefits of holding space for co-regulation of the nervous system with sound and eventually
integrating this concept to modern music culture. 
Led by curious synchronicities and dreams made reality, Colin fully surrendered to the subtle intuitive guidance and founded the project Ultraheaven (UH999HZ) / Https:// in 2019 to provide high quality human calibration instruments for human tuning, Accessories and artefacts. 


By appreciating with contemplation the depths reached in the descent into his subconscious, dreams echoes brought back to the shores of his awakened states Colin's own prophetic initiation from which Ground Tactics took the role disguised as a sociological study, invited to meet the unknown with the intention to facilitate transcendence and self transformation, he began spreading loving awareness of our multi dimensional self, by using the word / sound wave mechanical properties to harmonise, dissolve resistance and create flow states at both the micro and macro level amongst other wonders sound subtly informs us with cosmic and timeless
knowledge expressed by pure tones.



Since then (Berlin 2020), Ground Tactics has transcended being merely an electronic music project, transforming into a philosophical journey with a prophetic undertone. It engages physically, emotionally, and spiritually in the act of self-realization, exploring the intricacies and mysteries of perception itself. This involves observing the eye, listening to the ear, feeling our senses to witness the nervous system interfacing with our experience of reality.

The symbolic quest seeks to contemplate the dance between perception and all that is and can be perceived. This adds to the wonders of our potential interactions with that which is beyond, shedding light on our relationship with the unknown and the unconscious. It serves as a means to reconcile and be in love (in tune) with the value and meaning
communicated by all that can be perceived.

Light Body Activation


"Ground Tactics revives from a dream, an inter-dimensional art form which enlightens one’s
relation with themselves and with our vibrational universe, "Light Body Activation" meant to induce altered states of consciousness with multi-sensorial stimulations
offers the experience of self reflection through sound.

The human body on which the art is applied, delicately performed on a living & versatile
playground, by the Use of Tuning forks sound is propelled within the body which becomes a resonance chamber, activating natural self regulation mechanisms by inducing an immersive experience of deep relaxation and self recognition.
This process expands awareness and informs us subtly with
timeless, cosmic & universal information from the embodiment of sound.

Attuning to nature's geometry expression with precise frequencies, a sonic journey that
propels us into a wise future and mindful culture as its resonance inspires balance and harmony. 


Light Body Activations are experienced in various settings: private home, space,
venue for a singular individual or for a couple setting.

By using high precision human calibration tuning forks a metaphorical story-telling comes into play, the Sun rising is orchestrated within and rain falls throughout the body, transposed into a resonance chamber, the experience invokes in the audience a vibrational mirror in which one can appreciate self recognition, inspire transcendental transformations."

in 2022 Ground Tactics anchored its visionary pursuit to indirectly address cultural imbalances, fostering harmony and loving awareness within our communities through sound. Psycho Acoustics art workshops made Evolve a collective, self-proclaimed as a “Unit,” originally based in Berlin, Ground Tactics comprises diverse international talents—from artists and musicians to technologists, engineers, healers and philosophers—deployed in teams to events, festivals, and gatherings. These teams, referred to as “Units,” strategise and envisions transforming existing social structures. Dedicated to creating balance and harmony in the world Ground Tactics artists share mental, emotional, and physical tools that expand self-awareness,
fostering co-regulation within communities.


Ground Tactics inspires a silent revolution in creative processes by setting the stage for artists to apply virtues in diverse cultural contexts and in daily life. Practitioners aims to empower communication that nurtures individuals, offering relevant information and provide tools for self-regulation, contributing to a culture that embraces and supports each other. This approach acknowledges and integrates the inherent qualities of humanity,
resonating with the fine-tuning of culture. 


Since 2023 Ground Tactics is welcoming new participants to train to join the Berlin
based Unit and/or Create new Units Abroad. 

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