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396Hz Compassion - UT Solfeggio

396Hz Compassion - UT Solfeggio

Relieving fear & guilt,
Space Out & invite compassion.
UT - Ut queant laxis
Tone ( electronic ) simulation :
Note : C

The 396Hz Tuning Fork from the Solfeggio scale can trigger the release of tension held by fear and grief, open space for self compassion, inspire empathic insights, inner standing one self and the other. This Tuning Fork is ideally wielded around the body to recolour and fine tune our ethereal body and voice by resonating, humming in harmony with the sound of the 396Hz frequency. Vibrating our vocal cords to this frequency tune & connects us to the high wisdom of loving awareness.

• Empower Awareness Levels
• Sharpen Clairvoyance
• Nervous System Relaxation
• Receive & Balance Spiritual Energies
• Facilitate Flow of Emotional Energies
• Self Re-patterning
• Improve Cognitive Sensibility
• Nurturing Divine Feminine
• Mind & Spirit Bridge
• Loving Awareness Integration
• Untangle fears & self limitations
• Emotional Management Contemplation 

" Solfeggio is an ancient musical scale once lost, now revived and revered. This scale encompass mathematics and spirituality affecting emotions which has a powerful impact on one’s state of mind and health. Ancient societies found the power of musical rhythm to hypnotise, heal and induce states of higher consciousness. The theory behind the repetitive, rhythmic entrainment of binaural beats works on the same principal. Solfeggio tones can promote fluent emotional flow, relieving and harmonizing our being. By playing with the Solfeggio scale we practice states of inner harmony by tuning in to 174Hz forgiveness 285Hz + compassion 396Hz + 417Hz acceptance 528Hz + trust 639Hz + 741Hz gratitude 852Hz to attain states 963Hz of Unconditional Love. "

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