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UH999HZ Presents Ground Tactics Workshop & Performance for
Under the Rug #6 

UH999HZ Presents Ground Tactics Workshop & Performance for
Under the Rug #6 

Ground Tactics is honoured to present a psycho-acoustic art & sound healing workshop on the occasion of Under the Rug in Oslo, Norway on the 13th of April 2024.

From the wide spectrum of Berlin musical subcultures Lia, U1 and Colin will travel to share their experience and knowledge in respect to the application of sound in the performed act of co-regulation of the nervous system in our personal lives, communities and cultural gatherings.

This workshop offers a profound remembrance of our interconnectedness and provides guidance in applying the unifying power of sound into our lives. 

“ By sharing our journey, we illuminate the unknown for each other, delving into the profound depths of the world and self. As I continue on this journey, I am discovering that the power of sound extends beyond personal healing; it becomes a bridge to connect with others on a deeper level, affecting the collective resonance. This Universal resonance transcends the barriers of language and culture. Through vibration, I am not only rediscovering myself but also building a harmonious relation with interconnected souls, each offering contributing to a unifying melody honouring the collective human experience. “  Lia/Ground Tactics

“ To offer these sonic journeys is to walk a path paved by the ancestors, a path where sound is not just heard, but felt, where each vibration is a conduit to deeper understanding and connection. It’s a celebration of presence, a tribute to the unspoken bonds that connect us all. As I contribute to this sacred art, I am continuously inspired by the potential of these sounds to heal, to unite, and to elevate the spirit. “ U1/Ground Tactics 

Colin ( aka Ground Tactics ) is a multi-disciplinary artist who revives an inter-dimensional art form to enlighten one’s relation with themselves and with our vibrational universe, by inducing altered states of consciousness with multi-sensorial stimulations he offers the experience of self reflection through sound. Colin conducts a sociological exploration of how to facilitate transcendence and self transformation. 

UH999HZ Workshop includes

- Introducing Psycho-Acoustic art
Context / Symbology / Story telling

- Theory and concepts

Multi dimensional awareness & Mindfulness / Self recognition

- Application & Practice
Application of sound in our daily lives,
Practice of Light Body Activation with sound healing & tuning forks.


By applying to the workshop as a participant you will receive two high quality tuning forks and learn how to use them on yourself and others +
access Ground Tactics private groups and valuable information aggregates.
Ultraheaven tuning forks, 108Hz & 162Hz ( combined together to create the Divine 5th)
- 3h+ workshop Theory and Practice during the event. 
- Free entrance at the event on the 13th of April 2024 Under the Rug in Oslo.
For the cost of 150€ (paid with Paypal)

Contact to reserve one spot, only 15 available.

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