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64Hz Bone Oscillator  (Weighted)

64Hz Bone Oscillator (Weighted)

Otto tuner 64Hz
( Osteophonic tuning forks ) 
Bone vibes - Deep relaxation - Earth Element

Using the 64Hz Tuning Fork from the Solar Harmonic spectrum can produce a profound effect of deep relaxation, nurturing movement and flow within our body.
This Tuning Fork is ideally placed on the lower lumbar vertebrae, feet, legs, sacrum and coccyx. Its vibration loosen ligaments, stimulate and balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.


• Empower Awareness Levels
• Instantaneous Relaxation
• Nervous System Activation
• Grounding / Centering
• Facilitate Flow and Movement
• Self Repatterning
• Improve Meditation Depths
• Nurturing Divine Feminine
• Mind Body Spirit Care
• Increase Nitric Oxide Production
• Liquify & Dissolves Tensions.
• Activate Cellular Rejuvenation

Tone ( electronic ) simulation:

Material : Aluminium

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