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125,28Hz Schumann Octave (Weighted)

125,28Hz Schumann Octave (Weighted)

Grounding - Cleansing

When a biological system vibrates at this frequency, it is in a state of resonance in cohesion with the magnetic frequency of the earth.

Schumann resonances are Earth’s electromagnetic resonances, generated and held, oscillating between the Earth's surface and the ionosphere. Universal electromagnetic fields emitted by other planets and the Sun may influence Schumann resonances by feeding its field surrounding the earth with various energetic signature frequencies.

From a psychic perspective Schumann resonances feed our spiritual body and subconscious with information about changes in our environment, seasons, weather, the Moon, solar storms all affect the Schumann resonance directly linked to our relation with our environment through our nervous system affecting our intuitive awareness and harmonious states of being.

Our innate biological antenna’s ( the pineal gland ) discernment depends on the electromagnetic environment we live in, our biological technology ( human body ) has developed itself over thousands of years in relation to its environment. In our fast changing world, we are being subjected to spectacular changes in our electro magnetic environment. It is in our interest to become aware and learn to adapt progressively to avoid experiencing inner turmoil.

The Music of the Spheres known to be a foundation for our inner Harmony, a pillar for human health and wellbeing is being distorted by technological electromagnetic fields, therefor in parallel we are learning to adapt by tuning our biological technological vessels ( human body ) to evolve in accordance with our times. By using the Schumann Resonance tuning fork of the 8th ( 62.64Hz ) or 16th octave ( 125.28Hz ), we attune ourselves to a frequency which our biology recognise as “ home “, a feeling of merging with the Womb and a frequency we have lived in for thousands of years.

• Attune to Natural Syntonic States
• Clarify one’s awareness of the Womb/ Matrix
• Grounding / Earthing
• Facilitate Flow and Movement
• Empower Loving Awareness
• Improve Meditation Depths
• Nurture Divine Feminine
• Help with Concentration
• Liquify & Dissolves Tensions
• Entrain Subtle Energy Discernment
• Increase Intuitive Presence
• Influence Melatonin’s Hormone Production
• Connect with Gaia’s Archetype/ Awareness

Tone ( electronic ) simulation:

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