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136,10Hz AUM  (Weighted)

136,10Hz AUM (Weighted)

AUM - Essence of All
Synchronicity / Alignement
Heart opening 
Propelled inside the body, AUM teaches our cells and atoms to tune in with cosmic awareness. This universal tone invites warmth, improves
breathing and harmonious feelings, opening the heart, relaxing the mind.

Tone ( electronic ) simulation :

The Frequency of the Earth-Year ( AUM / OM ) 

Tone: 136.10 Hz = C#
a1 = 432.1 Hz / 440 Hz - 31.4 cent)
Tempo: 63.8 / 127.6 bpm
Color: blue-green
Chakra: Anahata - heart chakra
Effect: relaxing, balancing (medicinal: sedative)

The frequency of the year, C# with 136.10 Hz is the 32nd octave of the earth year. The corresponding colour is a turquoise, according to a wavelenght of about 500 Nanometers. The base of this tone is the rotation of the earth around the sun. This astronomic actually causes the changing of the seasons spring, summer, fall and winter on the earth. This is the second cosmic rhythm of our planet. As the frequency of the day influences the body, the frequency of the year influences the soul.
In India this tone is the keynote of sitar and tambura music and is called "sadja" which also means "Father of the others". Also the sacred syllable "OM" is tuned to this tone like mostly all the religous temple music. Many bells and other instruments are tuned to this tone. Who wonders why Hindus talk so much about the soul and transmigration of the soul when knowing that their music is tuned to the frequency of the soul.
The ancient Indians arrived at this tone through meditation, it was given to them intuitively and contemplatively by "opening up to the cosmos". But we have to calculate it with mathematics and physics. The really exact conformly of many of the examined bells and comparisons with instruments evidently show that divergencies very often appear to be far less than 1 Hz. This proves again that we are a microcosmos in resonance to the macrocosmos. This old statement of the hermetic sciences can now be proven in a very precise scientific way.
The secret of the profound effects of Indian meditation music depends simply on the fact that it is exactly tuned to the course of events, to the "Tao". That's the rotation of the earth around the sun. Not only the instruments but also the musicians and the audience are being attuned during the "alapa" (the tuning before the concert) to the everlasting tone, the sadjy. All the participants are in harmony with the cosmos which finds its echo in the human beings, who take part in this meditative music.
According to Indian tradition, the sadjy, or "sa" for short, is the everlasting, never ceasing tone and as mentioned before is expressed through the syllable "OM".
OM corresponds to the "Amen" in Christian churches. Amen means nothing else than "so be it". The "OM" also expresses "so be it", manifested through the everlasting tone. One can check it out for oneself by listening to original Indian meditation music, or even better meditate with this tone, humming or singing and letting yourself be impressed by it and so feel the power that lies within it.
If not used to chant, press the oscillating tuning fork with 136.10 Hz (the frequency of the earth year) against the bottom of your breastbone or one fingers width lower. These are the point 17 and 16 of the front psychic meridian, the so called Ren-Mai-meridian. These points are also located at the heart chakra.
If you are not alone and have friend with you, you can have the tuning fork pressed on your back, on the 5th dorsal vertrebae of the spine. This point belongs to the second psychic meridian, the Du-Mai-meridian. The effect is similar to the treatment at the Ren-Mai-meridian. The whole thorax starts vibrating, which really has a wonderful relaxing effect. It is almost like singing the tone oneself. Letting it vibrate and resonate the thorax for awhile, it is easy to start humming the tone quietly. It is easy to find the tone, because humming the tone too high or too low, one feels it with the body and it is really to attune. In that way the tone is to be learned without great effort and by letting the vibrations flow more and more through the body, the whole body slowly becomes the tone. By this we mean not only bringing oneself into harmony with the tone and so with the Tao but also with the praying monks in North India, Tibet and the remaining world, who meditate to the sacred syllable "OM" and all who sing that tone.
Only one who has meditated to this tone may have an idea, how deep the relaxing effect of this vibration is and how it calms the soul when one attunes oneself regularly to it.
In Medicine this tone is mainly used for sedation. For releiving stress and for treating muscle spasm this tone is regarded as desirable. It has also proved effective for habitual headaches. The tonepuncture at about two finger widths to the left or the right of the spine at the height between the first and the second cervical vertebra is particularly pleasant.
A medidation music, which is tuned to this tone also has powerful relaxing effect, and is recommended for nervousness and inner restlessness. Afterward one feels relieved, pleasantly and again much more receptive. In the European and Nort American society the demand for this vibration is the strongest. Intensive work with this tone can decrease the need for sedatives and narcotics. Great stress is often the cause of pain and therefore many people who meditate to this oscillation or have tonepunctur with it may need far less or even no more medication.
The frequency of the year is the best oscillation for everyday stress relief, to regain inner peace, open blocked energy pathway and restore balance.

Source text by Hans Cousto:

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