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144,27Hz Mars (Weighted)

144,27Hz Mars (Weighted)

Mars ( Aries / Scorpio )
Strength of will / Focused energy

Tone ( electronic ) simulation :

Tone: 144.72 Hz = D
a1 = 433.7 Hz / 440 Hz - 25.1 cent)
Tempo: 67.8 / 135.6 bpm
Color: blue
Effect: supports strenght of will and focused energy.

Mars is the first outer planet and has a rotation time of a little less than 2 years. In the 33rd octave it oscillates with 144.72 Hz, wich agrees to the tone D. Its heliocentric color is a blue with a wavelength of about 470 Nanometers.
According to astrological tradition Mars is associated with Aries.
Mars symbolizes the male focused energy, will and ability for archievement. In antiquity Mars was known as the god of war and was also called Ares.

Source info by Hans Cousto  :

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