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62,64Hz Schumann Octave (Weighted)

62,64Hz Schumann Octave (Weighted)

Grounding - Cleansing
When a biological system vibrates at this frequency, it is in a state of resonance in cohesion with the magnetic frequency of the earth.
62.64Hz is the 8th harmonic, 3rd Octave of the Schumann Resonance 7.83 Hz.
The Schumann Resonances are a set of frequencies in the earth’s electromagnetic spectrum, resonating between the earth and the ionosphere.
Our brain & heart waves align naturally to it’s rhythm.

This weighted Tuning fork can be used on bones, feet, legs, hips and crown.

• Empower Awareness Levels
• Increased Stamina
• Nervous System Activation
• Grounding / Earthing
• Facilitate Flow and Movement
• Stress Reduction
• Liquify & Dissolves Tensions
• Restore frequency state to the earth's magnetic field following disruptions by EMF technological signals, cell phones and electronics.
• Improve Meditation Depths
• Nurturing Divine Feminine
• Mind Body Spirit Care & Multi Dimensional Alignment
• Tickle Consciousness
• Program Balance State

Tone ( electronic ) simulation :

Material : Aluminium

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