Solar Harmonic Spectrum is derived from Pythagorean Mathematics
Higher Octave Equilibrium of Aether Element
Alertness - Awakening 
Note : C ( Throat Chakra ) 

Polarity Therapy (John Beaulieu research and development of the Harmonic Spectrum tuning forks.)

Stimulate AIR with 256Hz & 384Hz
Sedate AIR with 256Hz & 341.3Hz

Stimulate FIRE with 256Hz & 320Hz
Sedate FIRE with 256Hz & 426.7Hz

Stimulate WATER with 256Hz & 288Hz
Sedate WATER with 256Hz & 480Hz

Balance EARTH with 256Hz &/or 128Hz
Balance AETHER with 256Hz & 512Hz

512Hz - Equilibrium

36,00 €Price