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207,36Hz Uranus (Weighted)

207,36Hz Uranus (Weighted)

Uranus / Aquarius
Surprises / Upbringing visions 
Inspires freedom of expression 

Tone ( electronic ) simulation :


Tone: 207.36 Hz = G#
a1 = 439.4 Hz / 440 Hz - 2.5 cent)

Tempo: 97.2 bpm
Color: orange
Effect: supports the power of surprise and renewal, has primeval and erotic power.

Uranus is the first planet that cannot be seen with bare eyes. Its time of rotation lasts about 84 years. It oscillates in the 39th octave with 207.36 Hz, wich is the tone G#. Its colour is orange with a wavelength of about 658 Nanometers. Uranus is generally associated to Aquarius in the zodiac. It was discovered for the first time in 1781.
The planet Uranus is associated with the principle of falling and rising. So it is the planet of surprise and renewal. It is also said to have a strong erotic effect.

Source info by Hans Cousto:

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