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141,27Hz Mercury (Weighted)

141,27Hz Mercury (Weighted)

Mercury ( Virgo )
Sharpens Communications & Intellect 

Tone ( electronic ) simulation :

Tone: 141.27 Hz = C#
a1 = 448.5 Hz / 440 Hz + 33.2 cent)
Tempo: 66.2 / 132.4 bpm
Color: blue-green
Chakra: Vishudda - throat chakra
Effect: supports the speech center and the communicative-intellectual principle.

Mercury is the planet next to the sun, its rotation around the sun lasts about 88 day. Its tone oscillates in the 30th octave with 141.27 Hz. This tone is a C#. The corresponding colour is a blue with a wavelength of about 480 Nanometers.
Of all planets only the both inner planets (between sun and earth) can be associated to a chakra. Mercury, which is, according to astrological and hermetic tradition, the morning star of Gemini and the evening star of Virgo, stand for communication and cleverness.
The tones of the planets are heliocentric tones and so they have by far less meaning for the beginning of life on the earth than the oscillation of our own planet and that of the moon.

Source info by Hans Cousto:

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