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108Hz Activation (Weighted)

108Hz Activation (Weighted)

108Hz - Activation

108Hz is one of the universal blueprint number & frequency revered in Hindu spiritual practices. Being one quarter of the 432Hz blueprint number, tuning in to 108Hz brings our cells in accordance with a deeply embedded aspect which makes life possible on earth. Remembering and deepening our relation with mathematics which compose our matrix. This tuning fork can serve as many other to facilitate vibrational body scanning, rediscovering our sense of presence through this frequency aligns our multi dimensional self to the 108Hz cosmic knowledge. To enter in alignment with this tone, when vibrating place it on the head & heart. It is also an ideal tone to explore within our whole being.

• Empower Awareness Levels.
• Increased Cosmic Presence ( Gnosis ).
• Nervous System Activation.
• Grounding / Earthing.
• Facilitate Flow and Movement.
• Stress Reduction.
• Restore frequency states to resonate with universal blueprints.
• Improve Meditation Depths.
• Nurtures Divine Feminine.
• Mind Body Spirit Care & Multi Dimensional Alignment.
• Program Balance State.
• Liquify & Dissolves Tensions.
• Expand the mind to the cosmos.

Tone ( electronic ) simulation

" We know that the infinitely repeating 24 Pattern that sums to 108, when the Fibonacci Sequence begins with 0-1-1-2 etc has a link to the Number 24. There are 24 hours in a day thus it is Earth Time. But Cosmic Time is 27 Hours in a Day or 3 cubed and is the key to understanding the 432 Hz. 108 x 4 = 432Hz, offers rich harmonics of Sri 108.
Its seed or starting point is the binary progression of the number 27, sacred to Pythagoras, which means if you start with 27 (or 9+9+9) and just keep doubling, you naturally arrive at all the most sacred harmonics known in this local galaxy: 27 – 54 – 108 – 216 – 432 – 864 – 1728 – 3456 – etc
The Tetrahedron is Self-Dual or it is a Mathematical Reciprocal of Itself, meaning that when Magic Spider goes inside the larger Mother form, and joins the 4 face centres, it creates a self-similar or reciprocal or inverse form of itself, call it the baby tetra. What is fascinating is that if you filled the baby tetra inside with water and did this 27 times, it will precisely fill the volume of the mother tetra. 27 is also the Rubik’s Cube, the most popular toy ever made in history. Because 27 is the Key, the Seed. 27 doubles to 54 then 108 then 216 then 432. It is nothing short of wow... Timeless Knowledge. " Jain 108

Material : Aluminium

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